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Aluminum Factory
from 16.09.2015 to 24.12.2015

AVA is an aluminum factory that produced construction materials for the Sochi Olympics project, Russian Railways and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. In order to strengthen AVA’s presence on the European market, the company rebranded itself as AL5. The next step was launching a new website based on the latest trends.


In the beginning of each project we set certain limits that will eventually lead us to unique solutions. One of the most important goals for AL5 site was to show that the company actually produces aluminum and profiles and is not a reseller. We studied the production process and decided that our constant this time will be the idea of a "heating site" that changes its temperature like aluminum in a melting furnace.

Heating site" concept led us to the color scheme based on the gradient that changes from turquoise to scarlet. The gradient symbolizes heating the metal up to its melting point.

The idea to make a two-word title came to us when we realized that "aluminum production factory" or "aluminum profile factory" was way too long. Modern users don’t have much time for the "first date" with the company website. If it is boring or hard to understand, you are out! "Aluminum factory" is short and clear.

The company rarely has news to share, so we decided to display the news block as a gallery and devoted a lot of space to the most recent news article. Other news are available with just one click.

In the current metal quotations block we "heat up" increasing values and "cool down" decreasing ones. It’s one example of how we use the "heating website" concept. In the can-astronaut block the animation background changes form cold to hot. And finally take a look at the map. It’s a standard Google map that is also painted turquoise and scarlet.

The menu icon widely known as sandwich is a real metaphor of the scaled down site menu. The length of each line on the icon corresponds to the length of the menu item. The icon gets bigger on hover and turns into a real menu. It was a great design idea. We love little things like this.

Show the process

The company’s main advantage is having their own production facilities. In order to show it on the website we visited the factory 4 times and took many photos of the technological process. Several interviews with the key company specialists helped us fill this block with facts.

"Coke can today — space rocket tomorrow," said Leonid Arapov, AL5 director, during one of our meetings when telling us about aluminum recycling. It caught our ear and we decided to build a little story around it. It turned into a cartoon played on scroll on the website. Small and catchy story that will make the site notable: "AL5 is that company that sends aluminum into space."

All of this helped us fill the company story with details. As the saying goes, God is in the detail. Details create a sense of thoroughness and depth.

In order to tell the story of each project we created inner portfolio pages that include general project information, its location and photo gallery.

For the news article we designed all necessary blocks: heading and sub-headings, quotes, photos and captions.

Al5 site has responsive design. It’s a must-have on the European market, Russia will soon be there too.

Project team
Dmitriy Provotorov
Product Manager
Dmitriy Sidorov
Art Director
Petr Tulinov
Katya Zolotareva
Dmitriy Teryaev
Backend Developer
Dmitriy Kiselev
Frontend Developer
Lev Yakovlev
Sergey Kotsyuba
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